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Monday, June 21, 2021
{Citizen's View}

{Citizen's View}

Hey, architects! Please stop talking to yourselves and start talking to the rest of the planet!

If you have ever looked at an architect’s website, you might be tempted to chuckle. Or perhaps you would like to scream. I mean, I love architects, and I want to scream. you'll find that you – the buyer – don’t even feature on most architect’s websites. Of course,...

We must oppose bad developments, and win

As active citizens, we must stop the onslaught of bad development that threatens our cities. I know there is a lot in that sentence: what is bad; what is the threat? But before I address those issues, I want to make it clear that, as city dwellers, we cannot merely sit back and expect our governments...

Why I, a cyclist, won’t run down a pedestrian (even though they are walking in the bike lane)

Of course, I am not going to run over a pedestrian on my electric bike! Well, I hope not anyway. Mind you, they look so fiercely determined as they march along the designated bike lane on Bourke Street towards Southern Cross station. And they don’t get out of my way as I ride on the small sliver of the...

The beginning of the end to Melbourne’s (and other cities) ugly CBD developments

If you despair at the ugliness in parts of Melbourne’s CBD, I’ve got good news for you. In fact, no matter what city you live in, the new award-winning Draft Central Melbourne Design Guide will help you to take action to stop ugly developments in the future. If you despair at the ugliness in parts of Melbourne’s CBD, I’ve got...


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